Tip # 2 Part II Never Stop Building Your “LIST”

So How DO You Grow Your List?

There are many different ways to grow your LIST.  As Home Business owner or a Small Business owner this is a skill that will be critical to your success.

Most On-Line marketers still feel that an E-mail LIST is by far, the best and most effective method to develop and keep customers.

My goal is, of course, to cover ways to build and grow your list, but I also want to encourage you to be creative and to be excited in approaching this opportunity because the larger the list, the more options that will be opened to you!

The first thing to keep in mind, when making that initial approach, is that CONTENT is KING!  

Basically you are asking someone to give you their e-mail address, or to opt-in, and you will need to make a fair trade to get it. 

Let’s face it, most people will not give you that information just because you ask for it.

They need to receive something of equal or greater value.

Let’s start with one of the easiest, and possibly the best way.

Create a newsletter or a blog with some really great content and ask people to opt-in to receive your information.  Creating valuable content that people like and can use is perhaps the best way to get them to sign-up on your LIST.

Of course you must be consistent and continually provide good content, or these followers will not be loyal.  By earning the trust of your subscribers and continuing to provide valuable content, you’re on your way toward building a strong LIST.

And a Strong LIST is much superior to a large LIST.

Well the obvious question is:  “Now that I’ve written this great blog series or newsletter, how do I get it in front of people”?

Sound kind of like a Catch-22 situation?

I know what you mean.

You need to advertise.

One way to do this is to use social media sites; Face Book, Twitter, Google +, You Tube, LinkedIn,  Instagram,  Pinterest, to name a few.  Perhaps you’re familiar with some or all of these.

Do a search for Social Networking Sites to discover what is available.

Once you made contact, you need to develop relationships because, let’s face it…”they probably won’t marry you till you’ve dated”.

How do you develop that relationship?

Here’s something to remember:   People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

The key here is that you continue to provide content, “free content”.   This should be an ongoing practice.  This keeps people coming into the pipeline.

Then you ask them to opt-in

Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you’re a Small Business owner, owning and operating a Heating and Air Conditioning business.

You develop a campaign to get customers and prospects to opt-in to your LIST.

HOW?  Advertise.

Perhaps you would use written ads in a paper or trade magazine promoting DIY tips on maintenance of their system.

Something like this. “Would you like to save money on your heating and cooling cost?  Sign up here and we’ll send you free tips, which you can do yourself, to keep your system running at peak efficiency”

You could use the same type of message on a business card.  Or set up a workshop at a local hardware store, or building supply store.

The object is to get their e-mail address on your LIST.

Then you follow up with these tips, sent on a regular basis (probably monthly), about things the average homeowner can do to keep their heating and cooling system running at peak efficiency, and trouble free.

Naturally you’d send seasonal tips, AND PROMOTIONS, to your LIST, and remind them to have their system checked by a professional, and offer discounts or coupons for maintenance services.

If they have an issue where they might need emergency service, or have a need for other services, who do you think they’ll consider first.  The name they know that’s been providing these “free” tips and advice.

This same basic principal works for an On-Line Business as well.

Provide valuable content.  Then offer additional content for your prospect when they opt-in to your LIST.

As you continue to grow your LIST, consider using the Social Media sites as a means of reaching out to prospects.  There are many from which to choose, as noted above.

Once again you need to provide valuable content, either on the actual site or through links (depending on the type of Social Media site).

You must also have in place a system to provide the information to each subscriber and that system is called an Auto-Responding service.

When one of your subscribers opts-in your auto-responder should immediately send out a thank you, as well as that first piece of content that you promised, to thank them for taking action.

Then the system continually sends out content that you have placed into the system, at scheduled intervals, the days and times of your choosing, allowing you to remain in touch with your LIST.

There are MANY great Auto-Responding Systems available.  Here are some we’d certainly recommend:

Get Response



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There are many more great ways to grow your LIST and we will continue to share tips, ideas, suggestions and trainings at Home Business Resource Center.  Visit us at  (www.hbrcenter.com).

Until we speak again…Dare to Dream Big!

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If you would like additional information we have not covered, or you have questions or comments, please let us know.  We’re here to help YOU.