Smart is Stupid

I’d like to address a myth about GOAL Setting that has been taught since 1981.  It’s stymieing a lot of clients growth. And that is the idea that so many people now take as fact about GOAL Setting and its called setting S.M.A.R.T. GOALS and it stands for:

S pecific

M easurable

A ttainable

R ealistic

T imelime

In my view it stands for…

S mall

M enial

A verage

R egressive

T otally Useless

Don’t fall for this silliness that GOALS need to be so small.  This was started by someone that wanted to be able to control their workforce so naturally they wanted their people to think small.

GOAL Setting needs to INSPIRE you to achieve something that seems out of reach to the “normal” person.  High Performers clearly understand that setting small – average GOALS that are easily attained will give them small – average (WHO WANTS TO BE AVERAGE?) results and never bring them the results that they wish to achieve – they want the Top – the Peak – the Summit… and you’ll never get to that level by setting such easily reached GOALS.

When you set your GOALS throw off the Constraints of the Past!  Have CONFIDENCE – Think Beyond —

Did President Kennedy say, “Maybe we can get to the moon by 1980 or at least by 1990?”  NO!!  That would have been the GOAL if he followed the S.M.A.R.T. GOAL Setting thought process.  But thank God he didn’t.  He said, “We will land a man on the moon by the end of the decade!”  He CONFIDENTLY said it and he INSPIRED the whole nation and they did it!!!!!!

So don’t fall for the S.M.A.R.T. quackery.  When you set your GOALS Think Big!  And for goodness sake don’t care what other people think— Most of them don’t want you to be successful – they’re jealous of you.  They want to hold you down…  be yourself.

The first thing you need to do when Setting your GOALS is to have your foundation firmly established.  WHY do you want to achieve the GOAL – how will it help you and your family – Then you need to have the proper mindset about the GOAL and the ATTITUDE that you will achieve the GOAL… You have to go about this with ferocity – like you’re going to run right through a cement wall. PASSION!!!!!!

Then make sure you Think Big — achieving a small GOAL might make you feel good, but will it change your life NO – probably not.  Let me give you an example… A lot of people in fact the majority of people choose monetary GOALS.  They want to make more money, but the GOALS they make for themselves are almost always too small.

Maybe they are currently making $80,000 a year and they say to themselves, “Boy I sure would like to be making more than that in the next 12 months!”  So they set a GOAL to make – let’s say $90,000.  You know what usually happens – they might achieve the GOAL, but it doesn’t do them any good.  They just spend more.   Then when you ask them why did you have such a small GOAL that didn’t have any effect on your life?  They say something like – I didn’t think with what I currently do that I could make more!!  Their WHY wasn’t strong – they were not INSPIRED!

No Kidding — instead of an extra $10,000 a year why didn’t that person say “My GOAL is to Double my Income in 12 months!”  I know why – because most people don’t want to have to change and have to think and discover a way to do it and then a year later they are still complaining!  “I don’t make enough money!” cry-cry-cry—

The High Performer’s – the Wealthy know that it’s just as easy in fact maybe even easier to double your income than it is to jack it up by such a trivial amount.

Where are YOU!!

So today start asking yourself WHY — WHY — and then if you’re Passionate about making a change – THINK BIG – FOCUS – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – TAKE ACTION and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!